In AGIMA, not everyone is comfortable working. Our work involves a high pace, difficult projects, serious product requirements. For us, this is & mdash; values that make us the best digital production in the market

How do they work in AGIMA

Training, Development and Growth


Coming to AGIMA you get a grade that corresponds to your level of knowledge inside our the company. Grades are reviewed on a regular basis, and your growth depends only on your desire to learn. In addition, after probation, we are ready to pay half the cost of training in your specialty. And if you want to understand the adjacent field, then for you there are internal mitaps from leading experts.                 

Large projects, complex systems

Large companies know us as a leader in web and mobile. We receive projects of high complexity, oriented to mainstream users with complex integrations and high loads.
And the accumulated expertise allows us to work with the client's product for many years.

Continuous development and high demands are the norm in which we feel comfortable.

Very friendly team


All companies talk about it, but not everyone does what is required. We built a beautiful office in the center, where it is always pleasant to return, removed the extra bureaucracy, gathered a team of professionals and given the freedom to make responsible decisions. We have a completely horizontal structure where we can solve issues directly, on the basis of respect and professionalism.             

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Employer of the year

Roman Kuzmin

Project Office Manager

Igir Vedeneev

Head of Mobile Development

Victoriya Levena

Web analyst

Konstantin Kisleiko

Head of Design

Kamilla Smirnova

HR Manager

Victoria Bakuma

Head of Finance

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