Founder Alexander Bogdanov Reflects on How AGIMA Highlights Its Dedication to Clients

#Менеджмент 11 августа 2020

Since our company’s inception, we have believed in the importance of logic and data behind any product we make. That’s why we start every project with analytics, then make sure we follow our insights throughout each step of the production process. When everything is ready, we deploy it gradually supported by A/B tests to make sure the project will reach the main business goals.

There are several unique features about our company that make us stand out from the crowd. First of all, we are one of the biggest digital production companies on the market right now. Second, we utilize a data-driven approach in all our production processes.

AGIMA is the only digital production company in Europe certified by Google Analytics 360 to resell and implement the most serious analytics tool on the market. We also have almost 400 employees who cover all the necessary expertise like design, front- and backend engineering, devOps, and experience in producing the most complicated digital products from scratch.


If Bogdanov could offer any piece of advice to other business owners it’d be to try and understand your clients’ business needs more. He shared, “If you will concentrate on them, you will definitely gain more from the results. Also, try to take responsibility for all of the projects you are working on, even if your team only does one part. The more responsibility you take, the more control of the results you’ll have.”

We immerse ourselves in our customers’ businesses, understand their goals well, and take on entire projects. Therefore, we have been working with most of our clients for years. One of the ways we connect with customers is through platforms like Clutch. Here, you’ll findlists of companieswho are ranked through verified reviews.

Our presence on resources like these, continue to establish our role as a leading company in the digital production space.

If you’d like to discuss your next project with us, feel free to drop a line!


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